Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our little trooper!

Our little trooper did fantastic with her lymph node biopsy, yesterday. She was very excited to have the bump in her neck removed. It was often sore. The wonderful staff, the surgical ward's dvd player and the hospital's gift of a purple bear made the morning pass smoothly. She was slow to wake from anesthesia and they let her sleep so Mom and Dad were able to enjoy the inaugural events at noon and catch a few glimpses of Pete, to boot!

As the morning progressed, I began having flu-like issues so it was a long trip home, but as our little trooper said the night before when I asked her to put her coat on to go to the restroom so she wouldn't get sick, "Mommmmm, how can you GET sick if you're ALREADY sick."

She has a point. : )

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TheSingingBird said...

Such a pretty smile! Hugs and blessings!