Saturday, November 8, 2008

A New Day

A dear friend left the most wonderful message on my phone Wednesday morning.

"It's a new day! You're beginning treatment and we have a new President!"

Our friend, photographer Pete Souza, was in Grant Park on election night and has included an incredibly moving slideshow at his web site, Simply wonderful, Pete! Thank you!

On a more personal note, my PICC line was placed in my arm on Wednesday morning and I began my first treatment. On Thursday, we were trained by a home health care nurse to administer the infusions of antibiotics on my own. The i.v. is a self-administering device that does not need to be hung from a pole. I can tuck it in a bag or pocket and move around. The infusion takes about an hour and I infuse twice daily.
I am experiencing some aches and pains, fatigue and mild flu-like symptoms, all normal and am adjusting well. I've added some friendly flora to aid in digestion, hopefully warding off one of the side-effects.

A special thank you to all who've helped make the week a little easier for my family and me.


sarah, rsm said...

I am holding you in prayer from afar with blessings for you of Hope and Peace.


Anonymous said...

You're in my thoughts! Daisy had Lyme disease, but we caught it early and the antibiotics knocked it out. Hope you're feeling better!