Friday, August 15, 2008

Three Friends

I have been profoundly touched by a recent request to celebrate a very special friendship. These three friends; a lover of birds, writing and quilts; a lover of journals, books and the flute; a lover of books and hearts are facing a very difficult time. The beautiful blue fairy, with shoes strapped to her dress, has her wings and is about to fly. In real life, she has late stage ovarian cancer. Give those you love a special hug, breathe deep and enjoy the beauty around you! Wishing you peace.


Cary said...

these are really special

huesofnature said...

Thank you! They were made for some very special women.

sarah, rsm said...

And I am equally touched, Kim, to be a recipient of one of these beautifully sacred creations. Thank you.

(lover of birds, writing and quilts)