Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring has finally arrived!

The last few months have been a blur as we continue down the road to better health. We have much to celebrate as the spring flowers return and we welcome a new foal where we're staying! The girls have made remarkable progress! There are no words to capture the joy we feel, as we watch their joy in healing! From a nightmare, three miracles are blooming. Our family is still separated, as our youngest and I continue picc lines and i.v. antibiotic therapies, but the distance is lessened by Skype and a web cam!

We've loved a glimpse into the White House through the lens of Pete Souza. Pete has uploaded many images to commemorate the first 100 days of the Obama administration.

Hues of nature has undergone a change. I am again making a few fairies with 50% of the proceeds donated to Turn the Corner Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation fighting Lyme disease.

Thank you so much for your wonderful support of hues of nature and our family as we travel this road together! Wishing you a spring filled with so many blessings!

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Anonymous said...

so sweet, love the little mushroom too!