Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank you, Dr. Gietzen!

Our youngest has been having a difficult time hearing. She has moderate hearing loss in the low frequencies and has recently had a lot of fluid in both ears, complicating the problem. She has been talking louder and louder and was really struggling to understand conversation. Every now and then she would giggle and accuse me of saying something that according to her ears sounded very funny. She had a difficult time responding to conversation. I know she's been worried because she has been watching our Signing Time videos a lot, lately.

Today, she had surgery to place tubes in her ears and underwent a hearing test while under anesthesia.

She started to perk up about 7:30pm. She was listening to herself and said, "Dr. Gietzen fixed my funny voice!" Then, she would giggle in delight.

As we were snuggling in to read a new book, I said, "Come here, my beautiful girl."

She looked at me and smiled and said, "You mean your hearing girl.'

She's talking so much quieter and is so relaxed. She is so happy! Absolutely wonderful! Hearing aids should help even more.

Tomorrow, we will call our doctor and say thank you for returning the wonderful gift of sound.


sarah, rsm said...

What a wonderful gift! I am happy for your little one.

huesofnature said...

Thank you, Sarah!