Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BEEutiful Booties!

I just finished my first pair of wet felted baby booties and I am so thrilled with how they turned out! I have been in love with Joyce's hand painted roving from Elliebelly and the colors turned out completely delightful. I can't keep my eyes off them, or my fingers. They are SOO soft! I have been working on them, off and on, for several days. Wet felting involves soap, water and a lot rubbing until the fibers mesh together. Then alternate hot and cold water baths, more rubbing, and repeat baths until the booties felt and shrink to baby proportions. Because felting is a bit magical, each piece is truly one of a kind.

When the pair dried, I needle felted, by poking many times with a barbed needle, wool roving along the tops to give the appearance of flowers and for added softness. I added a needle felted bee to each and hand embroidered wings and a flight line. What a happy addition to huesofnature.

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